Travelling Darkroom

An attempt at re-enacting the activity of travelling photographers from a hundred years ago, with a twist


travelling darkroom - nicolas boria | slow photographyThe travelling darkroom is a performance, an authentic 20’s photographic set and a slow photography shoot altogether. An attempt at reenacting the activity of travelling photographers from a hundred years ago, with a twist : portraits and group pictures are shot and developed on the spot, in an old suitcase that acts as portable darkroom. Anyone is free to sit and pose in the vintage set, have its picture taken with a hundred years old camera, and twenty minutes later, the print is ready for him or her to take.

No mega-pixel, no computer and no printer.

The curious can stay during the whole developing process, and have the whole thing explained, from the mechanics of this antique camera to the negative/positive process.

The image might be slightly out of focus, over- or underexposed. But the magic of the travelling darkroom is not about perfection. Going back to the roots of photography and make it something timeless, that’s what this is really about. More than a place to stop and pose – or pause – for a few minutes, the travelling darkroom is the moment, the encounter, the experience. Model(s) and photographer share a moment, somewhat intimate. The lens lets the light in for a few seconds, and the poetry is captured. The image looks like it’s been there for a hundred years, waiting for us.



For further information on the travelling darkroom, feel free to contact me.

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