One road

Metaphysical landscapes of the peruvian andes, this wilderness is reminiscent of the sea, the mind dives in these still waves


Peru, 2012. A three hour trip between Chivay and Arequipa. In the bus, only backpackers and tourists like myself. I haven’t been here for long and in a few days I’ll already be back in Europe. There is a conference at the university of Arequipa, and I am here to present some of my latest results. This bus trip, this road, this is my travel. Not a six-month travel. Not even a day. Only a few hours. Time dense as ever.

Three unforgettable hours, of infinite landscape, changing weather and sky.

Three rolls shot with my dearest Olympus pen, which captures each image on half a frame. Thus a little more than 72 shots per roll.

click. winding up. click. winding up. click. winding up. landscape unrolls. click. film rolls in. click. feeling dizzy. click. These mountains remind of the sea. empty. beautiful. untameable. My mind sets off and dives into this ocean of rocks, swims in this dry and still waves. My eyes and hands remain right here in the bus. shooting and winding up.


one road: the fine art series

60 images
Scans of half format negatives printed on mat Epson  paper.

Limited editions of 80 prints, signed and numbered.
Two formats available:
– 30x40cm (approx. 12×16 inches) mounted in 40x50cm (approx. 16×20 inches) mat: 20 prints.
– 21x29cm (approx. 8×12 inches) mounted in in 30x40cm (approx.12×16 inches) mat: 60 prints.

First exhibition: December 2012. Exhibited in Turin & Milan.
Places depicted: Road between Chivay and Arequipa, Peru.

For further information regarding fine art prints, feel free to contact me.

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