Sponge prints depicting a word of mystical light shrouded in dark mist. Like a series of totems from unknown mythology


The “Nimbus” project was born in the red light and the silence of a darkroom. Everything starts with curiosity. In the dark room lies a small door, that unlocks only for those curious enough to start using chemicals and light in questionable ways. Beneath this door lies a whole new dimension yet to explore. Innumerable areas, some dark and gloomy, some bright, some abstract and silent, some bizarre and fascinating. Each trip starts and ends with the photographic prints.

Nimbus is the result of countless expeditions in a particular area, one where light seems alive, and it sticks, burns and drips at the same time. It turns simple objects into mystical symbols, like totems of some unknown mythology, Deities and artefacts of an intimate pantheon.


Nimbus - nicolas boria | slow photography - Elemiah


nimbus : the fine art series

20 images
Reproductions of sponge-developed and partially solarized silver prints, on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper, from 35mm negatives.

Limited Editions of 15 prints, signed and numbered.
Two formats available:
– 40x55cm mounted in 50x70cm mat: 5 prints.
– 30x40cm mounted in 40x50cm mat: 10 prints.

First exhibition: Mars 2010. Exhibited in Paris, Görlitz (Germany) and Turin.
Places depicted: Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Görlitz (Germany).

For further information regarding fine art prints, feel free to contact me.
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