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            Friction materials used Plastic modified Gloves application Phenolic and rubber applications

            XNBRL series carboxylated nitrile latex

            1. Product series

            2. Product advantages and features

            1 carboxylated nitrile latex has excellent film formation and stability;
            2The product has excellent wear resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance, good oil resistance and chemical resistance;
            3 The application can increase the initial vulcanization temperature and greatly increase the production capacity of the production line.

            3.Application process

            Take the medical inspection gloves as an example, the process flow is as shown below:

            4. Safety guidance

            1 should be stored in a cool, dry, sheltered room, storage temperature 5 ~ 40 ° C, especially in winter should avoid freezing to maintain the best performance.
            2 When not in use, the container should be kept tight to avoid leakage.
            3 Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.
            4 No special safety measures are required when using, as long as it follows good industrial practices.

            5. Packaging

            Packed in drums, bags or tanks, net weight 200kg/1000kg/30000kg.

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