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            Recruitment Training Salary Related photos

            Technical Engineer
            1) Responsible for new product development, adopting new materials, new processes, new technologies and new equipment to improve product quality;
            2) Responsible for the preparation of new product related formulations, processes, technical documents, as well as inspection standards, product standards, etc.;
            3) Responsible for collecting and inspecting domestic and foreign technical materials, paying attention to industry development and product update trends, and providing technical reference for new product development;
            4) Responsible for internal and external training related to formulation, process and technology, and give technical guidance to the manufacturing and marketing departments.
            Domestic trade regional manager
            1) Responsible for the marketing business of the region, implement the company's marketing strategy, and do market expansion and maintenance.
            2) Responsible for the collection, statistics, analysis and screening of the market and customers' products in the product application industry in the region, providing effective information for the company's sales decisions, and establishing relationships with the target customers and facilitating cooperation;
            3) Proficiency in the necessary product knowledge, including technical knowledge of application, responsible for pre-sales, after-sales and after-sales technical exchanges, and coordination of after-sales tracking services to achieve customer satisfaction.
            4) Responsible for the negotiation and signing of sales contracts, arrival acceptance and confirmation, handling of customer objections, and tracking of fund remittances.
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