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            Company Leadership Organizational Development Honor Culture

            1. Professional R&D institutions
            As a national high-tech enterprise, Hualan Technology has always focused on the research and development of powdered nitrile rubber. Relying on the enterprise technology center, we have established extensive cooperative relations with a number of research institutes and multinational companies, and continue to carry out activities such as technological innovation and technological research, and continuously develop new products.

            2. Perfect R&D equipment
            Hualan Technology adheres to the "enterprise foothold, market commanding heights", and introduces advanced powder rubber experimental equipment, such as a complete set of polymerization automation control equipment and condensed powder experimental equipment; high-speed agitator, twin-screw extruder and other PVC processing equipment; Viscosity machine, liquid chromatograph, anti-aging tester, universal tensile tester, flat vulcanizer, impact strength tester, infrared spectrometer and other test equipment, these advanced equipment and test equipment for our company powder nitrile rubber products Improvements, research and development and application technology development provide protection.

            3. Professional R&D team
            We have a research and development team with good quality and experienced professional experience. There are 27 senior engineers in rubber rubber research and rubber professionals, including 6 technical leaders (including 4 doctors and 3 senior experts).




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